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About the role: Director of Services

Two roles, covering each of NW and SW England

These are very important roles for us, and our vision is that they will really exemplify our culture of continuous learning and improvement. While we know that we’ll always need the capacity to respond flexibly and rapidly to unforeseen events, we want our direction of travel to be towards a place where teams can increasingly plan more reliably, leading themselves collaboratively to build more consistent and effective performance.

The regions for which you’ll be responsible are large, covering respectively Cornwall, North Somerset, and Bournemouth, and an area stretching from the West Midlands roughly up to Lancashire. Though video-working has of course been widespread during the past year, there will be an important element of both knowing your patch, and being visible and known to people within it. From front line colleagues and clients, to Directors of Public Health, local heads of probation, Chief Constables and leaders in locally-based service providers, you’ll need to be really good at creating and sustaining strong, mutually positive relationships.

teal-arrow-for-me.original.pngWe provide services to over 100,000 people across the UK. We take a person-centred approach to designing and providing a package of support that will help them achieve their own goals for change.