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About With You

With You is the new name for the organisation formerly known as Addaction. Founded over 50 years ago as a way to enable families to support each other and work together to overcome problems with drugs, alcohol and mental health, our work is rooted in the values of mutual aid, peer support and collaboration — families helping families to make it ok to ask for help and find support to get better. You can read a little more about the thinking and process behind our change of name here, and there is a rich range of contributions and voices to explore here.

Over the past five decades, we’ve collectively acquired an enormous amount of experience, knowledge and insight about the ways that people and families overcome problems with alcohol, drugs and poor mental health. We take a deeply personalised approach to each individual, respecting their journey, context and hopes for the future. Our frontline teams work in towns, cities, hospitals, prisons, schools, through outreach in people’s homes, with other local services, and nationally online via webchat and self-help advice.


Follow links to read our Strategy 2019-2022, our latest Annual Report, or just to explore our site.